Viking gallery, The Sex Show’ 06/18.

Margate Arts Club, Sisohpromatem,Solo Exhibition, 07/17.

The Londonewcastle Project, ‘Creatures From The Kaleidoscope’, Solo Exhibition, 09/13.

The London Film Museum, ‘Enamoured, 80 Years of Revlon’, 30/11/12.

Selfridges Window, ‘Bright Young Things’, 01/11.

The Projector Art fair, ‘That Certain Tension Between Fashion and Art’, 06/10.

Dalston Superstore ‘Dirty Laundry’ 06/09.

Selfridges Ultra Lounge, London - ‘Art Cor’e, 02/09.

Guiden Gallery ‘Hero Font’, 12/08

The Huntingdon Space, London - Our Cultural History, 06/10/08

Vegas Gallery, London - ‘Patterna’, 05/08.

The Old Cinema, London -’Urban Art Show’, 05/08.

MAMA, Rotterdam - Project (or), 02/08 Dragon Bar, London - ‘Hoo Wot Art Show’, 03/07.

The Old Shoreditch Station, London -’ Nouveau Ghetto’, 03/07