'Who Are The Savs?'

Grounded in reality, ‘Who Are The Savs?’ is an anachronistic narrative stemmed from possible unforeseen outcomes in the UK of reaching the Sustainable Fashion Goals, in conjunction with the political landscape post Brexit, around borders and trade, the unsustainable stock piling of waste, landfill, pollution and the UK’s expanding social crisis.  How does a government exploit a movement to solve social issues, sway public opinion and birth a new underclass in bonded labour carrying out ‘dirty work’ in a regression for human rights and a contrast of the progress being made in parts of the world where communities and landscapes are exploited to provide for fast fashion and mass consumption. Alex Noble explores this narrative using a film and sound installation, collaging historical, current and created footage and sound to paint the landscape of our current climate and a dystopian future that is not too dis similar to our past and present.  The installation of films touch on how communities in challenged and adverse conditions adopt new forms of self identification and appropriation, form sub cultures, currency and resist their situation, harnessing their own power, visually and politically.  Alex Noble has worked as a fashion designer and practicing artist for the last 12 years and is a London College of Fashion alumni. Alongside designing outfits for celebrated pop stars, Alex spent the last five years also focussing on tackling the negative impacts caused by the garment and textile Industry. Which has seen him collaborate with Traid, Fashion Revolution, The Rainbow Collective and found the EMG Initiative, creating numerous collections using waste materials to campaign for equal human rights in the fashion industry.  Written and Directed by Alex Noble Director of Photography Jack Chute Edit by Jack Chute and Alex Noble Music score by Hannah Holland Featuring Gemma Cairney, Lennie, Fi McClusky, Alex Noble and Jack Chute. 'Who are the SAVS?' was commissioned by Arcade East's summer programme 'Sustainability and Innovation'.